Bobby Reid

Patriotism peaks as skydiver Bobby Reid and Old Glory land with the last strands of our National Anthem. Performed at rodeos, speedways, and stadiums across our nation, this act has been called “the most exciting opening act available today.” In the words of R.C. Trotter, President of the Dodge City Roundup, “There is nothing as awe inspiring as having Old Glory presented from the sky as if God himself was blessing the rodeo.”

Making his first jump in 1968, Bobby spent several years with a skydive team known as the Keokuk Falling Stars. Balancing exhibition skydiving with a career on the Santa Fe Railroad, he was soon overloaded and quit skydiving in 1975. But skydiving was in Bobby’s blood and he started again in 1984. A challenge in 1988 from a Rodeo Chairman led to an attempt to land on the back of a tame brahma bull. That act evolved into the flag routine he performs today. Bobby now has over 2000 jumps to his name and this is his 30th year skydiving at the Tri-State Rodeo. He has been married to his wife, Terri, for 40 years. They have two daughters and one grandson.

Bobby’s take on the experience “I feel so blessed to present our national colors and am happy to be at my hometown rodeo. I hope everyone enjoys our presentation as much as I enjoy performing it.”